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Academic year 2018/19

1 May 2019 – Jakub Beneš (History) – An anatomy of ‘green’ peasant violence in east central Europe, 1917-1921

19 March 2019 – Timothy Haughton (PolSIS) – The New Party Challenge: Party Politics in Central and Eastern Europe post-1989

5 March 2019 – Julian Pänke (PolSIS) – Ideas of Europe and Legacies of Imperial Rule in the Visegrád Countries

5 February 2019 – Jasmin Nithammer (History) – The Fight Against Traffic in Women and Children in Interwar Poland

22 January 2019 – Klaus Richter (History) – Freedom and Fragmentation. An International History of Poland and the Baltic States, 1915-1934

11 December 2018 – Marta Filipová (Art History) – Art and the Proletariat: Class in Czechoslovak Interwar Art History

8 December 2018 – Joint Nottingham/Birmingham Workshop – 1918 and its Legacy: Central and Eastern Europe in the Shadow of Empire and War

27 November 2018 – Vendula Hnídková (Art History) – Moscow 1937. Architecture and Propaganda from a Western Perspective

29 October 2018 – Martin Veselý (Ústí nad Labem) – The Reichsgau Sudetenland 1939-45: an air raid shelter of the Third Reich?

Academic year 2017/18

22 May 2018 – Rilka Dragneva-Lewers (Law) – The EU and its Eastern Neighbourhood. The limits of transformative power

6 February 2018 – Elisabeth Berger (Salzburg) – Values and social practice: The Austro-Hungarian Army as ‘Schule des Volkes’

1 November 2017 – Joint Birmingham/Nottingham Central and Eastern Europe Workshop

Academic year 2016/17

6 March 2017 – Cosmin Minea (Art History) – Transnational Nation-Building: Foreign and Local Actors Creating the Romanian Architectural Heritage

9 February 2017 – Ilya Afanasyev (History) – Did the Bohemian Jagiellonians Exist?

12 January 2017 – Matthew Rampley (Art History) – Julius Schlosser: The Problem of Singularity in Art and History

8 December 2016 – Klaus Richter (History): ‘Social charters for the nation state.’ Agrarian reform in interwar Poland and the Baltics.

17 November 2016 – Julian Pänke (PolSIS): The EU and Legacies of Imperial Rule

Academic year 2015/16

16 May 2016 – Marta Filipova (History): Peasants and Art. Attitudes to folk culture in Bohemia before WWI

21 March 2016 – Katalin Straner (History): The Origins of Hungarian Darwinism: Translation, Reception, and Public Space, 1858-1875

29 February 2016 – Markian Prokopovych (Art History): Mapping Migration in Vienna and Budapest in the Late Nineteenth and the Early Twentieth Century

1 February 2016 – Nóra Veszprémi (Art History): Disciplinary Spaces. Curating Art History at the Hungarian National Museum in the Nineteenth Century

7 December 2016 – Maren Rohe (Modern Languages): The role of history in the contemporary image of Germany in Poland and Russia

9 November 2016 – Deema Kaneff (PolSIS): The business of religion. Moral authority and local conflicts in rural Ukraine

Academic year 2014/15

7 May 2015 – Matthew Rampley (Art History): From Potemkin Village to the Estrangement of Vision. Baroque in Austria before and after 1918.

12 March 2015 – Klaus Richter (History): State viability and the emergence of a national order after the First World War

11 February 2015 – Sara Jones (PolSIS): Towards a collaborative memory? Interactions between the national and the transnational in memories of European dictatorships